Carbon wheels might be an expensive investment for some of us, and one that often doesn't get utilised intensively. Weather conditions, injuries, mechanical issues on the bike or travel, are among many other factors that could prevent us from riding. 


Even when all circumstances are ideal, we might choose a different set of wheels depending on the profile of our ride (TT, climbing heavy, long rides, etc.). Again, minimising the use of specific wheelsets. 


If you're not sure carbon wheels will make a difference to your riding, you're a seasonal rider, you're looking to try before you buy, or just looking to test different specs and wheel combos before deciding on which wheels to purchase, this option might suit you well. Remember, what you spend on rentals would be fully credited towards a future purchase.


To know the exact decals and rim width of the rentals on offer, get in touch with us!


To assess your current wheelset performance and compare against negative split's wheels use our performance form.



Carbon wheel rental

Rental period (months)
  • This service is only available in New Zealand.

    Apologies to our international customers, we're currently exploring ways to expand this service beyond our borders.



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