Founded Nov 2018
NZD $30k invested
(+20% recovered & reinvested)
2k Instagram followers
-50% price versus competition
avg +10 visits/day website
The team has put a big effort to stand up Negative Split Limited and invested an approximate NZD $25K (and countless hours) into this adventure, and believe now is the time to raise additional funding that will propel us to the next level.
Since Negative Split's inception, back in November 2018, we've taken a 'resource maximisation' approach, which literally means we've squeezed every penny we got, and invested it in the smartest possible way; making sure we had a solid product and could move forward with our business idea, setting up the basics of our company (ie website), and building credibility and reputation in a highly competitive market. We're a young team, eager to learn, and have taken it a step at a time. By carefully choosing our next move is how we think we'll achieve our ambition.
We've recovered +20% of our initial investment within 6 months, and fully re-invested it back into the company. This is how we intend to operate until Nov 2020, when we'd expect to be in position to become financially sustainable and distribute profit. Additional funding rounds may be needed to reach our 2020 targets.
preferred investors
Minimum invested capital is NZD $200
Equity offered: Ordinary Shares
Further insights and detailed instructions
will be provided to interested applicants
Posted: June 9th, 2019
Offer ends: July 15th, 2019
Closed: July 4th, 2019
If you'd like to become a shareholder of Negative Split we'll ask you to please submit a expression of interest by clicking in the button to your the left.
The reason we need you to apply is simply because we don't want to randomly allocate 15% of our equity. We want our shareholders to be aligned with our vision, and to help us get there, not just financially but providing advice and connections that could amplify what we do. 
Ideally, we'd like 15% of Negative Split owned by some of our friends, family, colleagues, athletes and any other individual with a passion for the sport, and somehow involved in this world. People that we can genuinely trust.
It's fundamental for you and us to ensure we have a common understanding of the nature of this investment versus traditional investment products;
  • The capital raised will be used towards fueling the next stage at Negative Split; early growth. Inception of Negative Split has concluded, and we're now looking to stabilise our business model, keep building our reputation in the market and start generating an ongoing flow of sales.
  • We'll try real hard to make our dream come true, but we can't guarantee we'll succeed. You need to know that although we have estimates on a potential return on investment, the payback will not be short, and the uncertainty is high.
$ 43,000
1. Our Business Model
2. Our NZD $30k Plan
Below is an executive summary of Negative Split's value proposition, how we plan to use the funding raised, and why Negative Split is -of course, a good idea. Extended information will be available upon submitting an application to invest in Negative Split.
Information regarding our products, our team and more is available on this website.
3. Why Negative Split
Our Business Model
Michael Porter says that there are really two ways to compete; lower costs or differentiation. There is a third, really, which is doing both at the same time -lower the costs of 'like for like' products and/or services, and provide something no one does. This concept is at the core of Negative Split.
We have a very competitive product at a fraction of its average market price ('lower costs') and we take a customer-centric approach uncommon in our industry, we put the customer first and are bringing transparency to the next level ('differentiation'). 
You'll hear our 'by athletes, for athletes' motto; this is a business built with an athlete mentality, and that aims at creating a platform for new generations of athletes to pursue their sports careers.
Our value proposition goes like this;
1- Know the difference - we test your current performance versus your performance riding nscarbon. Numbers will tell you whether the performance gain justifies the investment. We do this by providing the customer with the ability to test his/her current aerodynamics using aeropod technology -this service is provided by high performance athletes.
2- Feel the difference - get to touch and ride our wheels, for a month, or six. Hiring is not just a way to be sure of what you're buying, but a way to access a fairly expensive product just when you need it. What is spent in hiring is always given back as a credit towards purchasing the set.
3- Buy the difference - at Negative Split you can almost build your own wheels as we provide decal, hubs, rim width and rim depth options for all of our products. We carry little inventory, and together with a highly custom product, it results in longer delivery times (that we'll substantially be able to reduce as explained in 'Our NZD $30k' section ahead) at an unrivalled price. We plan to expand our wheel line and add other products beyond wheels in the coming months.
4- Return it when you're done - bring your wheels back to us, our recycle programme is designed to maximise the use of our products before they are scrapped.
5- For the athletes - Our sponsorship and affiliation programmes, our blog, and our core business segments are geared towards giving athletes and brand ambassadors exposure and funding to pursue their careers in the sport. We're also planning to create a product line which profit will be fully redirected to our athletes and brand ambassadors, we'll call it the 'BAFA' programme -By Athletes, For Athletes.
Our NZD $30k Plan
Cut 2 weeks delivery time by manufacturing rims in advance
Obtain UCI wheel certification for our 38mm, 50mm, 60mm and 88mm rims
Sponsor and set up tents at 3 events
Diversify product offering (New MTB Wheel, Cycling kit, Caps and T-shirts)
Incorporate Athletes and Brand Ambassadors
Import Duty and Customs brokerage
Enhance website
Improved packaging (laser printed)
Enhanced branding (logo)
Funding will be spent as it's received when reached the $5k mark
Detailed spend reports against funding raised will be provided to investors
Why investing in Negative Split?


50% lower price is simply

an industry disruption;

More value less money.


Ground level interaction, next level transparency, PRO advice. 


A platform for athletes to pursue (and fund) their dreams.



The A-Team;

international, young and multidisciplinary 





— amplifying your access to carbon.

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