'Today's economy is massively wasteful. Most of the materials we use, we lose, the things we make are consistently under-utilised, and our efforts to fix it treat the symptoms, not the cause'.

- Andrew Morlet

If you no longer need your Negative Split carbon wheels then get in touch, we might be interested. We'll also be offering discounted second-hand wheels in this section from both our rental business, and for inventory clearance purposes.

  1. Send us an email to requesting a quotation for your wheel/s with a few photos attached and a brief description of their current state. In your email, please include the full name of the original customer, and exact transaction date.

  2. We will then proceed to offer a re-purchase price, or decline.

  3. If you agree with our offer, you will ship the wheels to us.

  4. Upon receiving the wheels, we will run a final inspection before executing the purchase.

Check out our used wheels for sale