We aspire to be the most accessible carbon wheel brand - ‘Accessible’ to us means approachable, affordable, convenient for our customers, while being insightful and adaptive to support our whole cycling community.

'Underdogs. We like that word. We call ourselves the underdogs of the bicycle carbon wheel industry. No one knows us, we're not expected, you might think we lack experience and credibility, we're too small, unable to innovate, we're too cheap, we're no good.

Instead, we're bold, we're dreamers. We question and challenge, and we push, we push the limits of what's possible. And keep pushing, relentless, persevering until we negative split.

Then, and only then, it might happen.


The underdog is underdog no more.'

The above statement was published on Nov 26th, 2018. Whatever happens, we'll always be underdogs, and can't forget where we're coming from, who we are. For that reason, this statement will remain unchanged as long as Negative Split stays in business.

On July 5th, 2019 we closed our first capital raise round, read here the story.

Management Team
Javi Garcia
CEO / Founder
Auckland, NZ
'Statistics are wrong'-type of guy. 
Establishes the vision and sets the direction, responsible to identify and bring disruption in the market.
Born in Spain, strategy and M&A background, ex Nike.
Retired footballer,
Amateur Triathlete.
Hugh Baird
Director of Brand & Marketing
Auckland, NZ
'If it looks good it feels good.'
Cares for the Negative Split brand and identity. Sets the tone and brings the emotion.
Born in New Zealand, from the South now living and working in the North.
Keen photographer, passionate about getting lost on holiday.
9 Individuals from US, UK, France, Guatemala, New Zealand, Australia
If you are interested in helping re-shape the carbon wheel market globally get in touch.